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  • Crafted for longevity and safe for your pet's teeth and gums.
  • Suitable for interactive games, training, and as a chew toy.
  • Ideal for pool play, ensuring endless fun on land or water.
  • Textured surface helps to clean teeth and gums as they play.
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Elevate playtime with our vibrant yellow training ring toy, specifically designed for dogs who love to fetch and chew. Its durable, non-toxic material is gentle on teeth, floats in water for pool fun, and keeps your furry friend engaged and active.

Interactive Flying Disc

Capture your dog's attention with our high-flying disc, perfect for training and playing fetch. Its buoyant design guarantees fun in the park or at the beach, offering both exercise and bonding time

Interactive yellow dog training ring, 18cm, ideal for energetic play and outdoor fetch. Enhance your dog's agility and enjoy bonding time with this durable toy.

Bite-Resistant Ring Puller

Strengthen your dog's bite with our robust ring puller. Made for tug-of-war enthusiasts and spirited chewers, it withstands vigorous play while promoting dental hygiene.

Brighten up playtime with this cheerful yellow ring toy, a perfect companion for your corgi puppy's active play sessions. It's playful, safe, and great for teething pups!

Floating Chew Ball

Enhance your pup's playtime with a ball that's built for bounce and buoyancy. Whether it's a day at the pool or casual chewing, this toy keeps your pet engaged and encourages active play.

  • Discover the intricate design of our yellow dog toy with a sturdy rope attachment, perfect for engaging play and promoting dental health. Ideal for tug-of-war enthusiasts!
  • Make night walks a blast with this glow-in-the-dark yellow ring toy, perfect for a fun and visible playtime with your Golden Retriever.
  • Upgrade your pup's playtime with our versatile yellow dog toy set featuring a frisbee, ring, and ball, designed for hours of fun and interactive play. Keep your dog entertained and active with these durable toys

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Bettye Macejkovic

These are the next rings that my dog plays with (he loves to play with them). It is best to order more because the teeth of larger dogs have a shortened life of such a ring. I recommend

Stevie Hoeger

If you throw it, it flies well away.

Kenton Cronin

Shipping fast and quality

Jeremie Lowe

I like it, just don't leave it to the dog because it would break it but it's okay to put it on a rope

Henriette Olson