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  • Material & Design: Made with mesh and absorbent cotton lining, 3M reflector, and SBS zipper for a comfortable fit.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for outdoor activities like walking, hiking, and running in all seasons.
  • Adjustable & Reflective: Features an adjustable design with reflective properties for safety.
  • Sizes & Colors: Available in XXS to XXL sizes; colors include orange/grey and yellow/grey.
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Innovative Cooling Technology

The Truelove Pet Cooling Vest is designed with a 3-layer cooling fabric, utilizing evaporative cooling to lower body temperature. Just soak in cold water, wring, and wear. The vest's breathable mesh aids in moisture wicking, while the cotton lining ensures a comfortable barrier.

Dual Functionality and Comfort

Doubling as a harness, the vest provides a secure fit with a double-zip adjustment and Velcro straps. It's soft and lightweight, ensuring freedom of movement and UV protection for your pet.

Reflective and Heat-Reflective Features

Equipped with a Zinc-alloy D-ring for easy leash attachment, the vest offers enhanced visibility through its 3M Reflective strap. The grey color reflects sunlight, aiding in heat dissipation, and the design includes adjustable ropes for a perfect fit.

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Conner Mueller


Chadd Moen

Arrived very quickly. The XL is a correct size for a 32 kg Golden Retriever. Good quality of the materials and it is easy to put it on the dog. Covers the chest, armpits and back well, but leaves the belly in the air.

Ressie McClure

Arrived very quickly. My dog, a labrador of 28 kilos, it is difficult for the sizes, because it has a large breast for its size; The size L fits a little fair, it closes, but narrowly and in the widest fit (the vest has two zippers as with 2 cm difference), But the next size fits him huge, even in the narrowest fit, so in the end I opted for this size, otherwise it would be uncomfortable for him to walk. I advise to measure the dog well to choose the size by following the seller's chart, which is realistic about the measurements.

Francisco Rippin

It's beautiful, it hurts that it was big for my Yorky.

Antwan Cole

Great vests! Beautiful, high-quality, and most importantly-perfectly perform their function. Sometimes even too much))) at 40 under the scorching sun, the dog managed to freeze...